Googling Effectively: A Key for Science Writing Efficiency

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Usually you hear that if you want answers, you need to know where to look. But in this digital age when information is at your finger tips, it is increasingly important that you know HOW to look! Of course most of us use Google for our searching purposes and this is especially true in the sciences.

Googling effectively can be a very useful and timesaving tool. There are several tips and tricks for doing this (and we will hit on them from time to time in this blog), and one is to use quotation marks to encompass your search term(s) in order to find exactly what you are looking for.

For example, if you were to google:

Eli House tips (and let’s suppose that Eli House was an investor whom you were wanting tips from)

You would get a bunch of results that would likely include ‘house-related tips by Eli Johnson’ and ‘house hunting tips by Eli Monk’ in among the sites that you wanted to visit on investing with Eli House.

However, if you googled:

“Eli House tips”

that exact phrase would be queried and you would only get sites that had that exact phrase, perhaps increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of your searches.

For you editors, this is also a good way to check for plagiarism. Essentially placing the desired terms in quotations and seeing if they are an exact match to something already published.

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