(One of) The Problems with Closed Science: Writing/editing Issues

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

We all know that the major issue with non-open science (what I am calling closed science here) is that authors get reduced exposure to their work, which affects the impact of their work within their field. However, what is less often considered is the additional strain that is put on authors and editors when trying to write/edit a manuscript for a journal that does not allow access to their previously published articles. Often when writing a manuscript you need (and sometimes are asked to by the journal) to consult with previously published articles to get the proper formatting for sections of the manuscript, such as the references. If the author does not have access to these articles due to subscription walls, these requirements are often ignored. This then leads to complaints about mis-formatted manuscripts by the journal, which can then delay, and at worst, lead to the rejection of the article altogether. This is just one of the many issues with closed science.

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