Preprints: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Posting preprints on repository sites like bioRxiv, INA-Rxiv (for Indonesia), AfricArxiv (for Africa), and the soon to be introduced IndiaRxiv (for India) is becoming increasingly common for researchers around the world. The reasons for this include:

1) Posting preprints ensures that credit is assigned appropriately.

This is a common concern for those researchers in highly competitive fields that are always fearing that their research will be 'scooped' by another lab. Posting your preprint safely establishes who discovered what and when, setting many minds at ease.

2) Preprints can increase the visibility of your work.

Preprints are often like previews to the fully published material that is soon to come. In that, you can reach people earlier and get them to search out your interesting research at a later date. Moreover, many preprint repositories have a CrossRef link to the published article within the repository site, which increases the likelihood of having your work cited.

3) You can get immediate feedback from a larger audience when you post a preprint.

Once your preprint is up, you can immediately start receiving feedback from your colleagues. This can be invaluable. Instead of waiting for the review of your manuscript by ~3 reviewers and then have to make changes and do more experiments, you can get feedback from a large group of people before you attempt to fully publish your manuscript.

While the benefits are pretty clear, this makes it all the more important that researchers put their best foot forward. This means that researchers should have their preprints edited by a professional manuscript editing service, especially when posting in a non-native language. The reasons for this are (1) you want to make sure that your findings are clear (see point (1) above) and (2) you want the work coming from your lab to be well polished and reflect positively on the type of work that you do.

So, if you are going to publish or post something on the internet, ensure that is the best product that you can put forth.

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