Quick Hack: How to Increase Your Editing Speed

One way to increase your speed and quality when editing a manuscript is to make a first pass through the entire document simply correcting things that are blatantly obvious. This could be spelling errors, errors in consistency, units, or anything else that stands out like a sore thumb. Once you are done, take your time and go through it again to give a thorough edit. One of the major advantages of doing this is that you have context of what the author(s) might be trying to say in any given instance. So, if you come across a sentence where you are unsure of what the author(s) are trying to say, you might be able to figure it out because you know, in general, what the paper is all about. It will also save you time in the end, because one of the major issues when editing a manuscript occurs when you get stuck on a sentence. This can drain a lot of time and be a major drain on your productivity.

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