Quick Tip: How To Report Centrifugation Speeds in a Science Manuscript (RPM or RCF)

A common question from authors writing a scientific manuscript is whether they should/need to put their centrifuge speeds in relative centrifugal force (RCF or x g). The answer is that you should represent all centrifugal forces in 'x g' because that is the only way to ensure that the reader can replicate an experiment. This is because RPM (revolutions per minute) does not tell the reader the precise force that is being placed on the liquid being spun. This is based on the radius of the rotor and how fast the material is being centrifuged (those are the variables needed to calculate RCF...which you can look up elsewhere if needed).

So, take home message is:

RPM does NOT equal RCF


Use RCF in your manuscripts in the form of 'x g'

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