To Proofread or Not to Proofread...It's Not Even a Question!

Many young researchers write manuscripts and neglect the importance of proofreading and editing their work. However, editing and proofreading are, in fact, two of the most essential parts of the manuscript writing process. Many people think that if they write a sentence and then reread it to ensure that there are no obvious errors, that there is no need to go through and proofread the entire document. However, nothing could be further from the truth!

Why should you proofread your work?

Clarifying Your Work

A great manuscript will be engaging, clear, and coherent. With respect to the last two facets, proofreading your work will help ensure that your ideas make sense together and that there are the proper transitions from one idea to the next. This will make your work as clear and coherent as possible, which is essential if you want a manuscript to get reviewed by any journal.

Spotting Errors

Even if you read sentences over and over as you write them, you will not spot all of the grammatical errors that you make. Moreover, you will most likely miss errors in consistency if you do not proofread your document as a whole, and these errors are crucial when trying to submit a polished manuscript to a journal of interest.

Who should proofread your work?

You, as well as a colleague, family member, friend, or stranger! The more people the better, but try to have someone other than yourself give it a read through, as you will be surprised by the errors they spot and the insights they give.

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