Top 3 Keyboard Shortcuts for Writers/Editors

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Keyboard shortcuts can be major time savers and can keep you in the flow of your writing/editing a manuscript. We polled out editors to find out what they found most useful in terms of shortcuts, and the top 3 are listed below. Note that this does not include the obvious and most often used shortcuts such as CTRL + X, CTRL + C, and CTRL + V (for cutting, copying, and pasting, respectively).

1. CTRL + =

This is to make something a superscript. CTRL + SHIFT + = is for a subscript. It is very common to have superscripts and subscripts in scientific documents, so it is no surprise that this one makes the list.

2. ALT + I + M

This is for adding a comment to your manuscript. This is mainly used when editing a manuscript, as adding comments is common practice.

3. CTRL + H

Find and replace. Quite often when you are writing or editing a paper, you find something that you want to change throughout the manuscript. This is the perfect way to do this and is such a time saver!

Do you have a favourite of your own? Please share it here in the comments section!

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