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Updated: Apr 12, 2019

There are a few things that are essential for a successful career as a scientific researcher. You need to be able to conduct novel research, write great manuscripts, and write standout grants. This latter point is extremely important given that grants are the life blood of a research career. So much so that without grant funding your career as a researcher will be short lived. That said, it is increasingly more difficult to obtain grant funding.

The magnitude of the need to acquire reliable funding is not lost on today’s scientists. Indeed, some recent reports have scientists spending approximately 40% of their time trying to get funding. This is at a time when the rate of grant application rejection is steadily increasing. For instance, 50 years ago, approximately 40–50% of grant applications received funding, but that is down to 20% or lower in some instances (depending on the agency that you applied to). The problem is even worse for first time applicants. An article in Scientific American (from 2006) indicated that first time applicants had to submit 30% more applications to come away the same amount of money as they would have 10 years earlier.

With these issues at the forefront of many researcher's minds, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of international granting agencies that all researchers might be able to access. Finding opportunities for funding is the first step to a successful funding effort.

- This is a hub for many grants from the US government, but it does contain some international grants. The grant eligibility is dependent on each individual grant, so a careful search of these grants should be done before one begins the laborious process of applying.

CRDF Global

- CRDF Global provides grants, fellowships, and training for researchers in a variety of fields. They are focused on international collaborations, so many of their grants etc must involve some joint action between research groups in different countries.

Terra Viva Grant Directory

- This site offers info on grants and other financial aid in (1) Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry; (2) Biodiversity, Conservation, Wildlife; (3) Energy, Climate Change; (4) Water Resources; and (5) Cross-Cutting Subjects. A paid subscription is necessary to view these opportunities, but it appears that the info provided is for international grants.

National Institutes of Health

- The NIH provides funding opportunities to international organizations and researchers. The eligibility requirements are dependent on each individual opportunity, so check to ensure that you are eligible before you start your application!

The Foundation Center

- This is a site where you need to pay to view potential funding opportunities. These opportunities do appear to be for broad projects, worldwide.

*Research (Ex Libris)

- You can pay to have access to funding opportunities through this site. They try to be a one-stop-shop for all your funding needs. They also try to tailor the results for exactly what you are looking for and only what you can apply to.


- They tout themselves as the comprehensive global source for funding opportunities.

The Sponsored Programs Information Network

- They tout themselves as having the world’s largest database of sponsored funding opportunities.

The Wellcome Trust

- Provides funding opportunities free of charge for international scientists.

Human Frontier Science Program

- Provide grants to novel collaborations for many countries around the world (although not all).

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

- Provides some international funding mainly focused on health-related problems in developing nations.

International Foundation for Science

- They provide grants to researchers mainly focused on preserving our natural resources in some way, or agricultural research.

Baxter International

- They have very specific opportunities for funding. Some for health services research and some opportunities for STEM education funding.

Chaing Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange

- They have international grants, but preference is given to those applicants who a re collaborating with a Taiwanese institution.

Marie Curie Actions Research Fellowship Programs

- This site does not contain very many opportunities, but I believe that many of them are offered internationally.

More will come as we continually update this to make the most up-to-date and comprehensive list possible. Please leave a comment if we have left anything out that you know of!

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